一旦新七年级学生的名额确定后, school staff will visit them in their primary school to help ease the transition and answer any questions the girls may have.

然而, 2020年9月入学的学生, 目前的新冠肺炎疫情在这方面存在问题. We have therefore compiled a list of the questions most frequently asked of us by new intake students ahead of their first day.

1. 我会变成什么样子呢?
所有女生将被分配到六个年级. 这些是奥斯汀、罗塞蒂、波特、勃朗特、勃朗宁和埃利奥特.
2. 我会和我姐姐在学校的时候住在同一个房子里吗?
If you have a sister at the school and you requested on your paperwork that you would like to be in the same house as her, 合乐888将尽最大努力确保这一切的发生.
3. 我会和我小学的朋友们在一起吗?
合乐888会有一些女孩和许多其他小学的女孩一起来, 而其他人会自己来. With this in mind we like to encourage everyone in the form to mix with others and therefore we do not necessarily place girls in forms with specific friends.
4. 我的小学里没有其他人来合乐888——我怎么交朋友呢?
All forms will have a mix of pupils from across a number of primary schools and this is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to mix with others. Therefore please do not worry if you are the only one coming from your primary as there will be others in your form in the same situation. Starting at 合乐888 is a very exciting time and there will be lots of opportunity to meet with new people both in your form and across other forms.
5. 合乐888比我的小学大得多——我怎么知道我要去哪里?
是的,这是, but you will get to know your way around very quickly and you will be given a map on your first day which will help you find your way around. 合乐888遵循2周的时间表,在第一个完整的2周结束时,你就会知道你要去哪里, 对整个.
6. 如果我迷路了怎么办?
请不要担心迷路. All the older girls in the school have probably gotten lost themselves in Year 7 and will understand if you have ask them for directions, 所以,不要害怕向年长的女孩或老师问路. 你可以随时去牧区,他们会帮助你到达你需要去的地方.
7. 如果我因为迷路而上课迟到,会不会惹上麻烦?
All teachers understand that it can be difficult to find your way around when you first start so please do not panic about being late for lessons in the first couple of weeks if you get lost. 向老师解释你迷路了,然后安静地坐在教室里.
8. 我的表格上有什么课啊?
你将在七年级的时候学习大部分课程. 唯一的例外是DT. 在DT课程中,你将和其他两种形式的学生混在一起上课.
9. 谁是我的班主任?
We have a dedicated team of specialist tutors for Year 7 who have significant experience in working with Year 7's over the years.
10. 我可以把手机带到学校吗?
合乐888理解手机的需求, 特别是当你第一次独自上下学的时候. 然而,在学校的日子里,不能看到或使用手机. 它们必须在8点之前关掉.45和3.合乐888建议您把它们存放在储物柜里.
11. 我必须整天随身带着所有的东西吗.g. 外套,校服?
You will be allocated a locker during the first couple of days at 合乐888 and this should be used to store anything you need storing whilst at school. 包括手机、外套和体育用品. 你将被要求带一把挂锁到学校来保管你的储物柜. 有关这方面的细节将另行发出.
12. 我的书包必须是什么颜色的?
你的书包应该是黑色或海军蓝的,并且要足够大,能装下A4大小的文件夹. 它应该是一个背包或旅行包的风格,而不是手提包.
13. 上班第一天我应该在包里带什么?
铅笔盒,储物柜的挂锁,如果你在学校吃盒饭,还可以带午餐. 如果你订购了一个体育袋和记事本,这些将会在你第一天收到. 你第一天不会有正规的课程,你也不需要你的体育用品.
14. 我需要带钱去学校吗?
没有要求你带钱上学. 第一天,你的拇指会被扫描,学校的所有付款都将用你的拇指.
15. 我怎么把钱放在我的拇指上?
钱可以在线添加到你的账户, 希望在你开始之前就已经设置好了. There is a machine in school where you can put cash onto your account but we strongly advise it be done online.
16. 我可以在哪里吃午饭?
大多数女孩在罗伯茨大厅吃午饭. 然而 if it nice weather many girls choose to get a takeaway from the canteen and then sit outside on the grass (we have picnic blankets) or on the benches that are placed around the site. 如果你自带午餐,你可以在户外或在罗伯茨大厅吃. 不要在教室或走廊里吃东西.
17. 我在哪里可以买到午餐?
大多数女孩都在合乐888在罗伯茨大厅提供的精美午餐中购买午餐. 你可以在休息时间买三明治和零食,在午餐时间做晚饭. 菜单在网站上公布 这样你就能计划好什么时候吃一顿热晚餐. 合乐888还有一个学校商店,出售各种各样的食物. 学校周围有卖饮料的自动售货机. 所有这些选择都适用于拇指支付系统.
18. 我是素食者——午餐有素食的选择吗?
19. 我有食物偏狭症——我还能在学校买午餐吗?
在学校里,有很多女孩有食物不耐症. 具体要求请与学校联系.
20. 我可以和其他同学一起吃午饭吗?
Lunch is an important time to catch up with your friends and therefore we encourage you to sit with whoever you want at lunchtime.
21. 如果我没有人和我一起吃午饭,我该怎么办?
大多数女孩很快就会找到其他人一起吃午饭. 然而 we appreciate that this is not always the case and encourage girls to participate in clubs at lunchtime as it provides an opportunity to meet new people and not be alone. 合乐888还有一个很棒的图书馆,很多女孩如果不确定去哪里,就会在那里消磨时间. 合乐888总是鼓励女孩与她们的班主任接触, 如果合乐888的教务主任或教牧职员觉得交朋友有点困难. 合乐888不想让任何人感到悲伤,所以总是希望合乐888的女孩们向她们觉得舒服的人倾诉, 这样合乐888就可以支持他们了. 午餐时,你可以使用你的休息室(只要你记得不要在那里吃东西)!),很多女孩用午餐时间做家庭作业
22. 图书馆什么时候开放,我可以借书吗?
图书馆在上课前、休息时间、午餐时间和放学后开放. Girls are encouraged to take books out on a regular basis and will have "library lessons" as part of their curriculum. 图书馆还举办家庭作业俱乐部,每周5天,放学后一直到下午5点. 合乐888六年级的一些学生经营家庭作业俱乐部.
23. 扶轮社何时举行?
24. 有什么样的俱乐部啊?
Clubs change on a termly basis but some examples of some of the clubs that have run this year include hockey, 初中的, 运行, 羽毛球, 数学俱乐部, 日本俱乐部, 戏剧俱乐部, 历史俱乐部, 艺术俱乐部, 安静的读书俱乐部, 测试俱乐部, 拼写俱乐部, 《合乐888》俱乐部等等!
25. 俱乐部什么时候吃午饭?
This varies from club to club but you will be always have sufficient time to get to afternoon lessons without being late.
26. 如果我去午餐时间的运动俱乐部,我什么时候有时间吃午饭?
午餐时间的运动俱乐部通常12点才开始.所以这应该给你提前吃午饭的时间. 如果你在学校吃午饭, you can obtain an early lunchtime pass that allows you to get into Roberts Hall before your usual allocated time. Some girls choose to eat their lunch at breaktime and then have a snack before and after the club at lunchtime.
27. 放学后俱乐部什么时候结束?
28. 合乐888每周有多少家庭作业?
当你开始在合乐888,你会得到一个家庭作业时间表,把你的计划. You will receive up to three pieces of homework per day and there will be set days for each subject to set the work. This means that you are not overloaded with five pieces all in one day and should allow you to plan your time.
29. I don't get homework at my primary school - how am I going to cope with the amount of homework I get at 合乐888?
上面提到的家庭作业时间表应该能让你在完成作业时有所计划. If you have not had homework in the past it will take a little time to get into a routine but we would encourage you to work with parents/carers to help you get organised.
30. 如果我不完成作业会发生什么?
We suggest that you spend between 20 - 30 minutes of focussed time (not multitasking on your phone) on each piece of homework. If you are consistently struggling to complete your homework in this time we suggest that contact is made with either the subject teacher or form tutor to look at strategies to help address this.
31. 在一天结束的时候,我怎么知道从哪里坐公交车?
在开学的头几天, 在每一天结束的时候,会有很多老师值班,他们会引导你到正确的公交车站.
32. 我的车从汽车站开,我怎么去那儿?
We would encourage you to walk the route from school to the bus station before you start so that you know the route you will be taking when you start at 合乐888. 然而 we also operate a 'walking bus' in the first week of term whereby a member of staff will walk with those going from the bus station.
33. 如果我把公交卡弄丢了怎么办?
请把你的公交卡放在夹克的拉链口袋里. 然而,他们有时会迷路. 如果发生这种情况,请让学校的工作人员知道,以便合乐888可以交还如果发现. 合乐888还可以为学生提供现金贷款,以确保你有当天回家的路费. 如果没有找到, 家长/看护者需直接与巴士公司联系,安排更换.
34. 如果我在学校生气了,我该找谁?
合乐888充分认识到,从中学开始是一大步. We have a strong pastoral system in place at 合乐888 and would encourage anyone who is a little sad to talk to an adult that they trust. 这可能是他们的班主任, 他们的年度校长, 教牧团队的成员或他们喜欢的老师. 同样,合乐888也鼓励家长如有任何问题,可与女儿的班主任联络. If we know about any issues we can help whereas if we are unaware we can't provide the support that is needed.
35. 如果我在学校感觉不舒服,我该去哪里?
If you don't feel well at school you should go to Pastoral who will help decide whether you need to go home or just need a little quiet time. 如果你想回家, you need to get a signature from your form tutor and then parents/carers will be contacted to come and collect you.
36. 我正在服用常规药物,我能把它带到学校吗?
如果您的女儿定期服药,请提前告知合乐888. 除了肾上腺素和吸入器外,学生不允许携带任何药物. 所有药物都要放在一个信封里,写上学生的名字和表格, 连同配药说明, 在被交给牧师之前. 如果药物需要冷藏,合乐888可以用这个.