Consultation Evenings

合乐888在整个学年都定期举行家长咨询晚会:7-10年级每年举行一次 & 12, and twice a year for Years 11 and 13. 合乐888现在所有的咨询之夜都是通过在线视频电话进行的:关于如何登录咨询之夜系统,请参阅下面的说明, how to book appointments, and how to attend the evening itself. 如果父母双方晚上会在不同的地方,那么,如果父母双方晚上会在不同的地方.g. one is at work, or you are separated, it is possible for one parent to invite the other so both can attend; instructions for this are below.

Please ensure you are somewhere with a strong internet connection and minimal background noise for the calls; as a rule of thumb, 如果你能在没有缓冲的情况下观看高质量的YouTube视频, you shouldn't experience problems on the evening.

We also regularly solicit parents for feedback on our consultation evenings; some recent examples of this can be found at the end of this page.
  1. Logging In
  2. Booking Appointments
  3. Inviting another parent
  4. Attending appointments

Logging in to the Consultation Evenings system

Click the Consultation Evenings link at the top right of our website.
为了登录,您需要提供您的姓和名, and the first name, last name and date of birth of your child. 如果你有多个孩子参加合乐888,你可以使用其中一个的详细信息登录. The system also asks you for your email address; this is to ensure that appointment confirmations are sent to the correct place.

如果您登录有困难,请尝试更改您的名字,e.g. if you go by Jo, also try Joanne. If you are still unable to login, please email FAO: IT Support to confirm your details; there may be an error in our data that we can correct to fix your login.

Booking Appointments

1. Select Consultation Evening
点击您预定的咨询之夜的日期. If you are unable to make the evening, please click I'm unable to attend.
2. Select Booking Mode
Choose Automatic 如果你希望系统根据《合乐888》建议尽可能短的预约时间,你可以参加.

To pick the times to book with each teacher, choose Manual, then press Next.

3. Select Availability
4. Choose Teachers
选择您想预约的老师. A green tick indicates they're selected. To de-select, click on their name. Please note: 在关键阶段3个晚上,你将被限制在最初72小时内的预约次数, in order to allow for fairer booking.
5. Automatic Booking
If you chose the automatic booking mode, 你会看到临时任命,只保留2分钟. To keep them, choose Accept at the bottom left.

如果你不能在你能参加的时间内预定到每一位老师的话, 你可以调整你想要见的老师,然后再试一次, or switch to manual booking mode.
5. Manual Booking
Click any of the green cells to make an appointment. 蓝色单元格表示您已经预约的位置. Grey cells are unavailable.

要更改一个约会,请将鼠标悬停在蓝色框上并单击删除原始约会 Delete. Then choose an alternate time.

你可以选择给老师留言,告诉他你想讨论什么, or raise anything beforehand.

一旦你完成了所有的预约,在页面顶部的警告框中,按 click here to finish the booking process.
6. Finished
All your bookings now appear on the My Bookings page. 邮件确认已经发送,你也可以按下键盘打印约会 Print. Click Subscribe to Calendar to add these and any future bookings to your calendar.

To change your appointments, click on Amend Bookings.
9. [OPTIONAL] Invite another parent
在下列情况下,你最多可邀请另一位家长参加预约(e.g.)你住在不同的地址,或者父母中的一方在约会时间上班. 你可以在你第一次预约的时候这样做,或者在晚上开始之前的任何时间回来. Further instructions for doing this are available here.

Attending appointments

On the evening itself, 你只须登入“谘询之夜”网站(如你预约),然后按网页上方的“加入视讯预约”按钮:

If you have been invited by another parent, 你会收到一封带有链接的电子邮件,加入晚上的电话. You must use that instead of logging in.

您的网络浏览器可能会提示您允许访问您的网络摄像头和麦克风,弹出一个类似于此. Please click Allow. 如果你有网络摄像头(笔记本电脑和手机都内置摄像头),你应该能在屏幕上看到自己的脸, 同时也可以看到声音测量仪对你声音的反应. We also recommend pressing the Play a test sound button to be sure you will be able to hear teachers.

您可以点击“设备设置”按钮来更改您的选项, if multiple cameras/microphones are available.

Once your devices are set up you can click Proceed to video call. 下一页是你将度过晚上的地方:每个电话将依次出现在这个屏幕上, and your schedule is displayed for you. 您需要单击以加入每个调用,但不需要导航离开此页.

视频端口上方显示倒计时,显示当前通话还剩下多长时间. 当剩下不到一分钟的时间,它就会变色. 一旦计时器达到零,呼叫将自动断开; 这超出了教师的控制,所以如果发生这种情况,请不要生气. It is necessary to ensure the schedule is adhered to.



以下是家长们在每晚咨询后提供的反馈信息. 回应将在学院内部进行讨论,并与州长分享. 提供的信息将有助于高级领导团队的前瞻性规划,作为合乐888持续审查过程的一部分,以塑造合乐888当前的实践,并查看可以在哪里进行改进.